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IT varsity promotes a culture of learning that not only values academic success but elevates and celebrates students who prove they value education by showing academic responsibility, curiosity and are willing to go all out towards achieving their goals. We are excited to announce our Student of the Month, Shaheen Safedien, who hails all the way from Port Elizabeth. Through the Apptrepreneur course, Shaheen is finally realizing his dream to be a part of technology that not only creates products that make life so much simpler, but also has the potential to change the world! After all, “the best way to predict the future is to create it” Between coding and a very busy life, Shaheen took some time to talk to us about himself, his love of coding and the Apptrepreneur course.

IT varsity : Well done on being chosen as Student of the Month! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Shaheen : I am from Port Elizabeth, currently working in retail. I started off in 2015 as a store manager where I performed duties to fulfil standard operations that upholds quality service.

They say every dream begins with a dreamer. What are your dreams and goals?

Shaheen : My dream would be a combination of creating products that are making a difference in the world and getting to share them with everyone out there. A simple code can create something that has the potential to change the world!

That is awesome! Please tell us what you think about the Apptrepreneur course and how it is benefitting you?

Shaheen : It’s really exciting having to write code and creating different things, I’ve started at nothing, but with the help and support from it Varsity, I have developed a passion for coding, being creative, designing things and continuously improving. Technology is, undoubtedly, the future, and will be here for a very long time, so developers have no worries about the industry disappearing. Being able to see and be a part of technology that makes life easier is so cool. Imagine, we can have food delivered, parcels delivered, transport and a host of services at the touch of a button, thanks to apps like Uber, Mr D, UPS, etc. These apps started with an idea and became a way of life. This is what it Varsity offers with the App course, a way and means to make a difference.

What is your ambition and where do you see yourself going with this course?

Shaheen : I’d love to go further into this field because there’s always new things coming out and new ideas. Technology sees the need and fulfils it.

What advice would you give to other students like yourself out there?

Shaheen : I would say in my opinion it’s best to stay focused, it will be yours when you set your mind to it. Be confident and keep practicing by even building new apps and websites from scratch, keep a good pace and not overwork yourself and force too much at once. Enjoy it as it comes and it will flow. Stay cool 😎

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