Learn the simple process we use to pick and launch successful app ideas

Tap into the Massive global App Market

This course is a part of the Apptrepreneur course. You will learn how to identify, build and run winning App ideas.

Start your own business and become a part of the global App economy.

We will share with you our own success recipe, and our own process for identifying potential winners, developing them and launching them.

Price: Free for a limited time only.

Difficulty Level: 🍎🍎 (Easy)

Concepts Covered: How to identify a winning idea, how to build your app, app business models, how to market your app.

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Meet Your Instructor

Bilal is the founder and CEO of IT varsity, CompuKids and Xander. He is an award-winning app developer who has been in the technology field for nearly 20 years.

Over the years he has built up vast experience in the App development space, and has a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

He shares his experiences in this course, which is where its true value lies:  he doesn’t speak from theory,  but from his own experience.