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Are you aged 22 and under? Do you have a passion for all things digital? Then we are looking for you! IT varsity, in partnership with The Empire Partner Foundation, is looking for 300 young people to participate in a series of national competitions to test their skills in the following categories:

  • Cyber-Security
  • Graphic Design
  • IT Network Systems Administrator
  • IT Software Solutions for Business
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Technologies

Not trained in any of these skills? No need to worry, IT varsity has got you covered – we’ll provide the training! If you qualify and make it into the competition, you will be provided with FREE training and mentorship.

To get started simply fill in the application form below, and take the aptitude test.

Applications close soon, Good Luck!


Apply via the form below


Pass the aptitude test


National Skill-A-Thon


Skills training & development


Nationals (4-7 Feb 2022)


Regionals (March 2022)


WorldSkills internationals in Shanghai, China


Applications close soon!

You can apply if you are going to be 23 years or younger in the year 2022

It’s simple! Fill in the application form below, and take the aptitude test. Should you pass the test you will be entered into the next stage – a virtual Skill-A-Thon 1-day competition event where young competitors from across South Africa will come together in a hybrid environment both virtual and in-person to test their skills. The Skill-A-Thon will take place on the 22nd of January 2022

In a few weeks you will receive an email with your results and a link with your log in details to access the Skill-A-Thon

Right now! In fact, the earlier you apply the better your chances to get selected for the World Skills Competition

You will be trained for your skill/field of choice through IT varsity’s online learning system

Yes. All pre-qualification events will be taking place online. If you’re based in JHB and don’t have internet access choose the physical attendance option to receive information as to where you can go to get internet access.

Note: you must bring your own laptop/computer

The WorldSkills Competition is the peak vocational skills competition for young people across the world. Competitors qualify by achieving success in national and/or regional/continental skills competitions. The competitions focus on the skills and capabilities of young people who have recently entered, have an interest or are about to enter a skilled profession. For this competition the focus is on tech skills


To qualify you will need to complete 3 tasks:

Step 1. Fill out the form bellow

Step 2. Complete the aptitude test and achieve at least 60% pass mark.

Step 3. Take part in the Skill-A-Thon – a practical short course that will test you by teaching you how to build an app. The Skill-A-Thon will take place amongst the winners . Complete steps 1 and 2 above to enter the qualification phase. We will be in touch.

Welcome to the Computer Programming Aptitude Test by The University of Kent

by The University of Kent.

The test has 26 questions and you will have 60 minutes to do them. At the end of the test (when 60 minutes have elapsed), you will be given a score. Please use SCRAP PAPER and a CALCULATOR for working out answers. Please note that this is quite a demanding test.

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