Sharing a Vision – Our Partners Yes4Youth


IT varsity, in partnership with The Youth Employment Service has launched a series of courses to train unemployed youth to become entrepreneurs in app development, coding, and web development in order to upskill themselves in the coming fourth industrial revolution. In re-shaping the technology industry in South Africa, IT varsity is training the Yes4Youth future apptrepreneurs in a 12month online course that will lead to quality work experience.

About Yes Youth Employment Service 

The story behind Yes4Youth, the passion, drive and dedication to change the circumstances of our unemployed youth, is truly amazing and IT varsity is humbled to be a part of their journey.


“A ‘first chance’ is often all it takes to unleash the potential of a young person. YES focuses on previously disadvantaged youth between the ages 18 and 35 by providing work experience for one year, giving young people a chance to demonstrate their abilities, establish their work ethic and prove their worth. The end result of the work experience is a CV, a reference letter, credibility and an empowered young person who has access to a digital platform to gain future work”

What some of the students had to say :

It’s so fun, yet so challenging at the same time because I’ve never been experienced to this depth of IT. I just knew the basics of computer, but ya, it’s very nice.

“This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, so thank you for that”


“I feel like it’s like a dream come true. Since I was a little kid I liked to be familiar with computers, but I couldn’t get exposure because of living in rural areas. It’s hard sometimes. But now I have this chance”

“I always had a passion for IT. I always wanted to do programming and systems development. Now I have that opportunity with IT varsity and would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity” Student, Yes4Youth.

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