Sharing a Vision – Our Partners (2) TIC-AI



At our recent workshop at the Valley Trust, we were honored to be joined by 2 very special guests, Iman Malaka, CEO of Tic-It Telecoms, and Thapelo Nthite, Co Founder of Tic-Ai, who took time off their very busy lives and flew in from Cape Town to give our students a crash course in Artificial Intelligence. A few lucky students even got to walk away with with brand new smart phones!


The expert knowledge gained by our students will go a long way, not just in terms of learning, but also in terms of the inspiration : to see people who come from ordinary backgrounds, who have gone out into the world, who have faced tremendous odds and have made it for themselves and are now giving back to the communities.


“We think it’s very important to expose our youth, from whatever background, to what the world is going through. We want Africans to create solutions for Africa because for a very long time a lot of solutions and advancements in technology have been very far from us and we feel if the youth know what’s out there, what’s possible and what the rest of the world is doing, they can innovate and come up with solutions that can improve and help their direct communities” ~ Thapelo Nthite, Co Founder of Tic-Ai.


“This, for us, is an opportunity to share and impart knowledge with the learners and also to teach them that you can use the problems of or the challenges or gaps within your communities to build solutions. So it is African solutions to African Problems” ~ Iman Malaka, CEO of Tic-IT Telecoms. 

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