Certified Facilitator Workshop

By CompuKids

What is this Course About?

The CompuKids Certified Facilitator Workshop is and intense 5 day, 5 module journey that’ll prepare you to take on the roll as a facilitator of the CompuKids. Curriculum.

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What is CompuKids?

CompuKids is a Junior Technology and Entrepreneurship Academy that provides highly interactive, effective and fun technology courses to kids from 6 to 18 years old. Check out the document below for more information as well as a full curriculum break down:

CompuKids Booklet

What will I Learn?

In this module you will learn how to build 3 complete video games using Scratch.

Concepts you will cover:

  • Installing and setting-up Scratch.
  • Sprites and Animations.
  • Keyboard controls.
  • Collision detection.
  • Basic conditionals.
  • Random motion.
  • Mouse controls.
  • Visual and sound effects.

In this module you will take you game development skills up a notch by learning to build more advanced games.

Concepts you will cover:

  • Importing files into Scratch.
  • Restricted movement.
  • Variables.
  • Adding a a game menu.
  • Algorithms.

In this module you will learn about CompuKids Bootcamps and how to run your coding workshops.

In this module you will be introduced to Minecraft.

You will learn how to:

  • Play Minecraft.
  • Build build things in Minecraft.
  • Build a modern house.
  • Survive on a deserted island.

In this module you will build your own video game using everything you’ve learned so far.

You will learn how to:

  • Assess scratch projects.
  • Give effective presentations.

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