Module 1

In this super exciting module, we’ll dive into the incredible realm of Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and embark on a thrilling journey to create and launch your very first mobile app!

HTML and CSS Breakdown

Get equipped to build your own applications.

What is this Module About?

In simple terms, you have been introduced to HTML in Module 0, we are now going to be digging deep into other functions of HTML and introduce CSS where you are going to build your 1st e-commerce store. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in a fun and engaging learning experience, where you’ll acquire professional-grade skills while having an absolute blast. Let’s make your first mobile app a resounding success together! 

This module has 6 assessments in total, that you are going to submit in your Portfolio of Evidence. 


What will I Learn?

Tools for web design  

Introduction to CSS 

SuperHero App 


Understanding the Principles of the Internet 


Accreditation information 

This module contains two Unit Standards which earn you credits towards your NQF level 5 qualification. You will need to complete the assessments in this section to earn your credit points. 


Unit standard 1:  

Unit Standard ID  115391 
Unit Standard Description  Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of the internet and the world-wide-web 
Credits  3 


Unit standard 2: 

Unit Standard ID  115372 
Unit Standard Description  Demonstrate an understanding of tools and products available for web-site development 
Credits  3 

Study Mode

Online learning and assessments

Estimated Time

150 Minutes

Difficulty Level



Online via email, chat, forums and webinars

Who Will be My Instructor?

Hi. I’m Bilal. I am the founder of IT varsity.

There was a time I really wanted to become a Java developer.

As I neared the completion of my degree, I sent my CV to various companies.

The feedback I got was totally depressing. Nobody was prepared to hire me! Why? Because I did not have experience.

Bilal Kathrada

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