Introduction to JavaScript

What is this Course About?

By now you should be a master of HTML and CSS. Now it’s time to complete your HTML5 skill set by learning the final piece of the puzzle. JavaScript. Learn the fundamentals of coding with JavaScript and how to write entire programs from scratch using JS.

What will I Learn?

Learn the basics of coding with JavaScript including variables, conditionals and functions.

Learn how to use JavaScript to build interactive apps like a calculator.

Learn how to simplify Boolean expressions with Boolean Algebra and Karnaugh maps

What are My Career Options?

There is a huge need for skilled developers throughout the world. Completing this course will be your first step into a fast- paced, exciting and lucrative career in app development.

Potential career paths are:
• Mobile App Developer
• Web App Developer
• Website Developer
• Freelance Developer
• Tech Entrepreneur

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may even start your own App Development business!

Enroll now and Ignite your Success!

Meet Your Instructor

I’m Bilal Kathrada, the founder of IT Varsity. My own struggles in finding a job as a Java developer due to lack of experience led me to start IT Varsity. I envisioned an institute that would bridge the gap between education and industry demands, providing practical skills and preparing students for the job market. Today, I’m dedicated to empowering aspiring IT professionals and revolutionizing IT education.


Student Showcase

Login Form

by Palesa Mafoleka

Built using HTML, CSS and Java Script 

Portfolio Website

by Morgan Ellary

Built using HTML, CSS and Java Script

Study Mode

Online learning and assessments

Estimated Time

1 Month

Difficulty Level

Beginner – Intermediate


Online via email, chat, forums and webinars

Course Fee

R2 495

About the Apptrepreneur Course

Apptrepreneur is an ONLINE CODING and training course offered by IT varsity that focuses on preparing students for a career in software development. Teaching the skills and knowledge needed to develop and launch successful mobile applications, or apps. The Apptrepreneur course awards an NQF5 certificate in Systems Development (SAQA ID: 48872) with 131 credit points upon completion.

Accreditation Information

This module contains three Unit Standards which earn you credits towards your NQF level 5 qualification. You will need to complete the assessments in this section to earn your credit points.

Unit Standard ID  115365 
Unit Standard Description  Apply the principles of designing computer system inputs and outputs 
Credits  7
Unit Standard ID  115362 
Unit Standard Description  Manage software development source files using appropriate tools 
Credits  5
Unit Standard ID  115367 
Unit Standard Description  Demonstrate logical problem solving and error detection techniques 
Credits  8

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. In this course we will assume that you have never written a single line of code in your life. All you need to know is how to use a computer and an internet browser.

As you have delved into HTML in module 0, you will build on your previous module.

Yes. The Apptrepreneur course is accredited by the MICT SETA. It’s an NQF5 qualification in Systems Development (SAQA ID: 48872) and carries 131 credit points.

Our support team is available at all times to jump in and assist you if you need. You can reach out to them via the built in chat or forums on the the IT varsity system or reach out via email if you preferer.

You’ll receive full access to all the lessons and assessments as soon as you purchase the course.

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