Learn to develop mobile apps using the same tools and technologies used in the real world.

📱 Build 3 Mobile Apps from the Ground Up
📱 Ages 6 to 18
📱 Online Assessments and Challenges

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21st Century Learning for 21st Century Learners

Future Proof Your Kids for the World of Tech

Kids love technology. But it’s not just fun and games with technology; used in the right way, technology can be extremely beneficial to learners providing skills that can open up numerous career and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Gamified Learning

Learn the basic concepts of coding and development by building games and completing online challenges

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Learning to code nurtures critical thinking skills, helping children approach problems logically and improving performance in subjects like maths

Creativity and Innovation

Help your kids express their creativity by bringing their unique ideas to life in the digital world, setting them on a path of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Module Breakdown

Take your first steps into the world of cross platform app development by building a simple image gallery app.


Learn the very basics of html development and get familiar with the various tools of the trade. Have a complete, working app by the end of the book!

Using just a few basic html features, learn how to build a simple yet beautiful catalogue app of some of your favorite superheroes. Learn how to use CSS to make a simple html app stunning.


This app includes a stylish menu bar, a structured home page and makes use of external an external CSS file to handle styling.

Build a tour guide app for a zoo located in the fictional town of Pine City, complete with a map, information on each animal and attraction, and a weather page to help visitors plan their trip.


This app will take you through the process of developing advanced page layout, breaking down each page in to multiple sections and styling each section individually.

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