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Become an Apptrepreneur

Apptrepreneur = App + Entrepreneur

Launch your career in App Development, coding and Web Design with an accredited 1-year national qualification in App Development.

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Success stories we love

See what our past students have to say

Palesa Mafoleka

Palesa Mafoleka

I can confidently say that IT varsity has turned me from a newbie to the professional/creative that I am today. Today I am able to code using HTML, CSS and I can develop a Web using WordPress. I have successfully completed 7 modules and 7 projects that have equipped me with skills and has made me one step ahead of an amazing career.

Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid

I have really enjoyed the practical, hands-on nature of the Apptrepreneur Course, the way I started writing code from day one, the excitement of what I might learn in the next lesson of a tutorial and then putting those skills that I learned into practice, creatively, when working on my projects.

Thank you to the entire It varsity team for the opportunity to study this course!

Shaheen Safedien

Shaheen Safedien

Its been absolutely amazing being part of IT varsity, I walked in with no coding experience and knew nothing about it, but after experiencing the course I grew into loving what i do and gained so much knowledge in app building. It’s been a fantastic year and the exposure to different teaching styles and it has made learning extremely easy with loads of help and support from the IT varsity team. Absolutely recommend it for new students! Thank you! Its been great .. 😎

Jean-Kenel Dessources

Jean-Kenel Dessources

I am Haitian, studying Apptrepreneur  with IT Varsity. I have learned so much in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Graphic Design, WordPress and more.

The best part is the content offered .It does not only train me to be a developer, but also to be a professional capable of selling myself in the industry. The modules offered can take students from newbies to professional level in just 12 months. They even provided modules that help boost my career .I now have the opportunity to work as a developer or be an entrepreneur .

I encourage all students to not hesitate building their careers in becoming  developers and entrepreneurs.

Want a successful career in coding?

We’ll get you there in 12 months!

Mentored, Hands-on, Accredited Learning

IT varsity offers coding education from newbie to professional developer. With the support of a brilliant team of instructors and mentors, you’ll be ready to translate concepts, breakdown problems, and continue learning on the job.


IT varsity offers accredited qualifications that ensure our students are employable and have the practical knowledge to apply their skills successfully.

Kylix Information Systems t/a IT varsity. Accreditation Number: ACC/2012/05/775.

Mentorship Program

You’ll have access to industry mentors from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. That means you’ll get both in-person and online support with experts, who spend their day jobs as developers.

Accelerated Learning

Come prepared to work hard and problem solve. You will be presented with coding challenges that will accelerate your understanding of the core concepts taught.

Hands On Coding

Over 75% of your time at IT varsity will be focused on building software. After all, that’s why you are here, right?

Your stepping stone to an amazing career

Become an Apptrepreneur.

Apptrepreneur = App + Entrepreneur

Launch your career in App Development, coding and Web Design with an accredited 1-year national qualification in App Development.

Get trained and mentored by experienced App Developers.

Whether you are a school leaver or a professional, our flexible and unique online learning experience will launch your career in App development, coding and Web Design.

Launch a Career the Easy Way

It is so much easier to learn a skill when you are guided by an expert mentor. Our online mentors are experienced App Developers themselves, and they will launch you from newbie to professional developer in no time.

Small Groups

Low student to mentor ratio, better support


Our mentors are ready to lend a hand any time

Within Reach

Get in touch via Forums, Emails, WhatsApp, Webinars

Always There

Our mentors use data analytics to monitor all students’ progress

The IT varsity Difference

Your stepping stone to an amazing career

At IT varsity, we focus on one thing: preparing our students to be employable and exceptional. To be the best in their fields.

To do this we had to reinvent education and design a system that is best for our students.


Accredited Qualification

Our learning materials have been developed to the highest academic standards

Marketable Skills

Learn to build actual real-world apps to impress clients and recruiters


Show rather than tell. You will build an ePortfolio of the systems you build

to show the world what you can do

Mentored, Hands-on, Accelerated Learning

The best way to become a pro is to learn under one.

Our courses have all been developed by seasoned developers who also mentor and guide our students. This is what has allowed our past students to become world-class developers.

Our unique, modular self-directed learning approach allows you to learn any time, anywhere. Our online mentors are here to support you all the time.

A combination of world-class content and ongoing support and mentorship from our experienced online teachers will ensure your learning journey is exciting and effective.

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