Building a Tower Defense Game in Scratch

A New Coding Challenge is Here!

In this challenge, we’ll be learning how to build a tower defense game using Scratch.

In the game, the player will control an archer on a fort who has to eliminate a randomly spawning wave of orcs before they reach the fort.

Price: FREE!

Difficulty Level: 🍎🍎 (Easy)

Concepts Covered: Player movement, shooting, animations, random enemy spawns using clones, collision detection, variables and sound effects.

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Meet Your Instructors

Maseeh (right) is an app developer and graphic designer. Zack (the one with the hair) is an animator and video editor. They share a passion for video games and game development. But more then their love of video games, they share a passion for teaching.

They have been building video games and teaching Scratch since 2012.