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CompuKids offers kids cutting-edge tech skills like Mobile App Development, Computer Game Development, Graphics and Animation, as well as valuable Entrepreneurial skills.

These are delivered through guided learning pathways which provide a dual benefit of learning marketable technology skills as well as helping learners to perform better at other subjects like maths and science.

CompuKids was established to address the lack of technology education at schools which puts learners at a huge disadvantage.

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Why CompuKids

Kids love technology. But it’s not just fun and games with technology; used in the right way, technology can be extremely beneficial to learners providing skills that can open up numerous career and entrepreneurship opportunities. Technology can also benefit learners in other ways: it promotes creativity, teaches valuable problem-solving skills and improves learner understanding in all subjects.

Sadly, many schools do not provide any technology or entrepreneurship skills, and with technology rapidly taking over every industry, put’s kids at a huge disadvantage.

The CompuKids curriculum was designed to provide kids with the necessary skills to excel in the tech space while also tapping into and unlocking their creativity and problem-solving skills.


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