Business Start-up Bootcamp

Thank you for your interest in my Business Start-up Bootcamp (BSB). The Bootcamp is designed to take you from 0 to starting your business in 12 weeks, and as you can imagine, this is no easy task. It is tough, but with hard work, commitment and mentorship, you can do it.

I will need you to commit fully to it.

Basic Info

Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick programme, nor is there any guarantee that you will start generating revenue in the 12 weeks. What you can be sure of, is that you will have a registered and fully operating business, complete with a business plan, bank account, branding, marketing strategy, social media accounts and if necessary, a website.

As you can see, there’s a lot of work to do! But that is the nature of business. It takes hard work.

Below is some important information about the BSB. If you have any questions, please email me on

1. The Bootcamp runs for 12 weeks.
2. It is fully online.
3. It is an intense programme designed to get you started with your business.
4. The Bootcamp comprises of training, mentorship and practical tasks.
5. It is very practical, with tasks being assigned to you every week.
6. You will have to take responsibility to complete the tasks.

Time Allocation

1. You will need to allocate approximately 8 hours per week for the Bootcamp.
2. Of the allocated time, 2 hours will be allocated to a mandatory weekly webinar
3. The remainder 6 hours will be for you to complete your tasks.

About the Webinars

1. The webinar will take place weekly.
2. The day of the week will be communicated to you after applying, because it depends on which cohort you will fit into.
3. It will be a maximum 2 hours in duration.
4. The webinar will be structured as follows:
          a. Session 1 [30 minutes]: follow up on previous week’s webinar, and questions
          b. Session 2 [60 minutes]: Lecture on a new concept
          c. Session 3: [30 minutes]: Allocation of tasks, and questions.

What will be Covered?

– The BSB will teach you how to start a business in one of the following 6 categories:
o E-commerce
o E-hailing
o Drop Shipping
o Affiliate Marketing
o Content Creation
o Freelancing
– If your business idea does not fall into any of these categories, then this Bootcamp is not for you!


  1. The price of the Bootcamp is R500 per person per month, but as promised on my TikTok video, 12 people will attend for free. These will be the 12 best applicants, who will be chosen based on the following criteria:
    • Clarity of Business Idea: I look for applicants who have a clear business idea or concept, and can articulate it effectively.
    • Commitment and Motivation: I will look at candidates who demonstrate a strong passion for their business idea and a genuine desire to succeed.
    • Potential Impact: I will evaluate the potential impact of the candidate’s business idea on the market or society.
    • Clarity of Goals: Can you describe your goals clearly? I will be looking at that very carefully.
    • Communication Skills: I will look for clarity, professionalism, and the ability to convey ideas concisely and persuasively in your application.
    • Previous Experience and Skills: If you’ve had prior business experience, let – know – it will be a huge advantage.

Application Form