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At IT varsity, we are committed to empowering the aspirations of countless young South Africans who are eager to pursue education and shape a brighter future for themselves. While their passion for technology is undeniable, many of these promising individuals face formidable financial constraints that hinder their pursuit of knowledge.

We firmly believe that financial circumstances should never be a barrier to accessing quality education. That’s why, at IT varsity, we embrace an inclusive “open door policy” that welcomes talent and ambition, regardless of one’s ability to pay for tuition.

However, our mission of fostering educational opportunities for all students hinges on the generous support of sponsors like you. Your philanthropic investment can make a profound impact by providing deserving students with the chance to embark on their educational journey, thereby transforming lives and creating a more technologically adept and vibrant future for our nation.

We invite you to partner with us and become a beacon of hope and opportunity for these dedicated young minds. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who are eager to learn, grow, and shape the future of technology in South Africa.

Join us in our mission and help us empower dreams, one student at a time.

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    The program was facilitated in collaboration with South32 and YES4Youth with the aim to equip the youth in the Richards Bay are with a wide range of skills essential for success in the digital entrepreneurship landscape. After a needs analysis in the area, it was established that there was a need for entrepreneurship. Participants also received in-depth training in online marketing strategies, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and digital advertising. Additionally, business management skills were imparted, focusing on areas like financial planning, budgeting, market research, and customer relationship management. By providing comprehensive training,
    participants were empowered with the knowledge and technical expertise required to excel in their digital business ventures.

    Our objectives were to foster a spirit of innovation, problem-solving, and creativity among the youth in the Richards Bay area: The program aimed to cultivate an environment of innovation, problem-solving, and creativity among the youth in the Richard Bay area. Through interactive workshops, brainstorming sessions, and design thinking exercises, participants were encouraged to think critically, identify opportunities, and develop innovative solutions. The participants were exposed to real-world challenges faced by digital entrepreneurs and guided in developing creative problem-solving approaches. Through the program we nurtured 30 Future leaders and 24 of which went on to start businesses in their respective fields of interest.

    IT Varsity has been working with Do4SA since 2019. Do4SA is a Non-Profit organization established to shake off negativity from the mindsets of many South Africans. They enroll their students with us on our Apptrepreneur course. They have a project called “Make me a coder” and together with do4sa we’ve trained 33 students in IT skills.

    IT varsity partnered with OneVoice to train 90 young females in digital business and the changes the 4th industrial revolution has had on business.

    The Community Outreach Program Trust (COPT) is a faith based Non Profit Organization (NPO) that provides an opportunity for Businesses and ordinary South Africans to make a lasting and meaningful difference to the lives of their fellow citizens.

    IT varsity reached out to COPT in 2021 to offer learnership programs to their database community in Lamontville. We enrolled over 15+ of the youth in the Lamontville community in our 12 months program. A year later COPT reached out to us, they had 10 students they wanted to enroll into our AppT course because they have seen the impact AppT played in the lives of the 2021 youth.

    Collaboration between IT varsity, the Swiss government and the iLembe municipality of KZN. During the program, we trained 52 unemployed South Africans from the towns of KwaDukuza (Stanger) and Mandini in high end development skills via our Apptrepreneur course. The program was launched in 2021 with the attendance of the mayors of KwaDukuza and Mandini as well as the Swiss ambassador to South Africa.

    Through Yes4Youth, we partnered with Amazon, to train and empower 18 youth in 2020 and an additional 25 youth in 2021. 5 of those who graduated were selected to work for Amazon Web Services.

    IT varsity has collaborated with, Edunova and the German government via GIZ, to train 250 young females from across South Africa to be IT trainers in primary schools across the country. IT varsity produced a custom course for this program that was based on the Apptrepreneur course, but was redesigned to include modules on teaching and on technologies like Scratch, which can be through in the classroom.

    IT varsity is a proud Yes4Youth implementation partner. We’ve provided quality work experience and training to over 500 young South Africans through Yes4Youth. Through yes, we’ve worked with companies like Amazon, Anglo American, Cell C and Google.

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