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Embark on your educational journey with our 75% bursary, making our 12-month qualification accessible at just 25% of the cost. This initiative aims to empower passionate students by providing financial assistance for their studies.

Original Cost:


Bursary Discount:

75% (- R22500)

Your Cost:

25% (R7,500) or R625 per month

Course Medium

Fully Online

Courses Available:

Course Who is this for? What you can do?
Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Are you a creative person?
  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • Do you want to sell online?
  • Do you want to travel the world while you work?
    1. Entrepreneur
    2. Web Designer
    3. Digital Marketer
    4. Content Creator
    5. Photographer
    6. Copywriter
    7. Graphic Designer
    React Front End Developer
  • Are you creative, but also interested in coding?
  • Do you want to specialize in creating amazing User Experiences?
  • Do you fancy yourself a mobile App Developer?
  • Then this is for you!
    1. App Developer
    2. Web Developer
    3. User Interface Designer
    4. Front End Developer
    Java Full Stack Developer
  • Do you have a natural curiosity about technology?
  • Do you have a genuine interest and passion for coding and software development.
  • Do you possess strong analytical skills?
  • Are you comfortable adapting to new technologies and frameworks?
  • Do you want to build amazing software applications?
  • Do you enjoy tackling complex problems and finding creative solutions?
  • Do you want to get into the Java space?
    1. Java Developer
    2. Full Stack Java Developer
    3. Software Engineer
    4. Systems Analyst
    Python Full Stack
  • Do you possess all the above qualities, but prefer Python to Java?
  • Do you have an interest in Data Science?
  • Do you wish to branch out into AI at some stage?
    1. Python Developer
    2. Full Stack Python Developer
    3. Software Engineer
    4. Systems Analyst
    5. Data Analyst

    How to Apply

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      Frequently Asked Questions:

      With our 75% bursary, your cost is reduced to just 25%. This means the Usual R30 000 fee will be reduced to R7500. You may also pay in 12 installments of R625.

      The bursary is designed for passionate students lacking financial resources. That’s it!

      Simply fill out the form, and we’ll get in touch with you on the way forward.

      You will require a laptop and a stable internet connection. Coffee is optional 😄

      While we appreciate your enthusiasm, signing up for more than one course is not recommended. The courses share modules and concepts, and they are at the same accreditation level. It’s advisable to focus on one course to ensure a thorough understanding of the material.

      How it Works


      Enroll via this page just by choosing your ideal payment option. We sill assist with any questions you may have.


      Study from anywhere with an internet connection. Video based learning makes your studies flexible.


      Our dedicated success mentors are eager to offer prompt and thorough feedback via your preferred channel (WhatsApp, Email, etc.)to address any concerns you may have.


      Use the concepts you have learnt to create an App or Website. And based on our (the client) requirements we will grade your effectiveness as a Developer.


      We’re committed to your job placement success. Our industry-aligned courses, expert CV support, and online presence management mean your assessment projects are your only limit.

      Why this course is for you

      I know you because I have been in that exact same situation. You are out of school, with or without matric you find yourself lost, unsure what to study and what your future job prospects offer you. Will I get employed after investing time, effort, and money into a university education?

      As an employer myself I can honestly say no. You chance of being fresh out of college and landing a job are Slim. Let’s be real.

      You are in a rut and that’s fine because that’s the whole reason I started this course. It’s to get you employed!

      You need guidance and transparency. Both of which my team and I are constantly hard at work trying to achieve. Your success is ours. And with my course and 1 on 1 mentorship, you can’t fail.

      What do our Alumni have going for them?


      Palesa Mafoleka

      Today I am able to code using HTML, CSS and I can develop a Web using WordPress. I have successfully completed 7 modules and 7 projects that have equipped me with skills and has made me one step ahead of an amazing career.


      Ismaeel St. Clair

      IT varsity has allowed me to pursue my desired career field of study. My experience was full of learning and grooming. I have learned so much in HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, and App Development. I am thankful to the IT varsity team who supported my journey.


      Kaitlin Pillay

      It has always been a dream of mine to pursue a career in information technology. Thanks to IT Varsity, I am able to do so. Through the Apptrepreneur course that I have completed, I have learned how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thanks to IT Varsity, I can confidently pursue my dreams.


      Karabo Selemela

      When I started, I thought it would be difficult for me to grasp the content because I did not have any coding background. I got better and more confident after every video. It has definitely paved the way for me to either freelance or seek employment in another company.


      IT varsity is accredited by the MICT SETA (Accreditation number: ACC/2012/05/775). This course awards an NQF5 qualification in Systems Development upon completion (SAQA ID: 48872).

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